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Test and Measurement Services
As technology is evolving, role of testing/validation is increasingly becoming more important. Complex hardware/technology is driving Test and Automation Engineers to come out with more innovative solutions to provide ATE solutions. Open Hardware and Applications Software based ATEs need of the hour Modern ATEs are designed around industry standard Test Hardware, industry standard Computer (PC), currently used backplane bus like PXI and industry standard Test Software Development platform and Test Executor. All these facilities are available in Base Level Support Test Equipment (BSTE).
  • PXI based Hardware for general purpose Test resources(PXI-Relay mux, PXI-Relay SPDT, PXI- DIO,PXI- RS422 etc.).
  • LXI based Standard Test Equipment (STE) for various Measurements through interface panel (Virginia panel). Equipments are Network Analyser ZVL (9 KHz 3GHz), Vector Signal Generator, SMF 100A, Colour Oscilloscope etc.
  • ATE software Environment Windows XP
  • National Instruments Labwindows and LabVIEW (Development Tools)
  • National Instruments TestStand (Test Manager)
  • Connection to the external world with Virginia panel (for interfacing UUT).

Need for COT (Commercially off the shelf Instrumentation) in ATEs
  • A scalable and universally acceptable hardware & Software platforms.

Complex test applications need to be designed in such a way, that the following features are catered for:
  • The Automated Test setups need to have sophisticated instruments, which very often have to be sourced and maintained by different vendors who specialise in those Instruments.
  • All Instruments to have common control hardware and software in order to allow for a common platform compatibility.
  • A universally acceptable hardware platform (such as PXI etc ) will also ensure scalability of the Automated Test setup.
  • A universally acceptable software platform (such as National Instruments LABVIEW, TESTSTAND) will also ensure scalability of the Automated Test setup.
  • Availability of trained manpower in various Test technologies is also a matter of great concern for the T & M industry. To meet this challenge, Open Technologies in Test hardware & Software are increasingly being included in university curriculums around the world.
  • The one main advantage of multivendor hardware platform means more competition better products at cheaper price.
What's New ?

1) Softech has successfully delivered Test Setup with logging & Report Generation for Testing of Telecom Line Card Specs.

2) Softech has delivered a multi-interface and fully featured Voice-Data Mulitplexer design for SCADA applications to a leading manufacturer.

3) Softech has supplied a Power Transmission protection equipment design along with an automated Test Setup for product spec testing to a leading SCADA equipment manufacturer.

4) Softech has supplied a Power Transmission protection equipment design along with an automated Test Setup for product spec testing to a leading SCADA equipment manufacturer.

Business Areas


  • Test and Measurement Services
  • Electronic Design Services

Test and Measurement


  • Automated Test & Measurement.
  • Setup Design & Integration.
  • Custom Test Software Design
  • ATE Design, integration & Software.
  • DATA ACQUISITION & Measurement.
  • Test Results Logging, Data Analysis, Reporting.
  • Any kind of Testing and validation, for product specification testing, inwards goods QC.
  • T & M Instruments are used widely for testing
  • all kinds of electronics, mechanical sub-assemblies
  • Consultancy Services for T & M

Electronic Design


  • We have provided complete product design solutions to address a variety of requirements of our customers. The design activity was taken up with our capabilities in complete control over design inputs such as system concepts, selection of Industry standard mechanical enclosures, detailed schematics and Gerber data of PCB assemblies along with FPGA Firmware and Embedded firmware development. We are in position to design and develop world class solutions with the best technologies right from conceptualization of the product to complete field-trial systems
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Customer Profile


Defence, Aerospace, Power, Telecom, Automotive, Chemical, RF, Wireless, Audio & Video, Academics, Research Labs, Industrial Control and many other sectors.